Recipe Card: Pork Chop & Potato Casserole

Guys. This recipe is legit. I sort of combined recipes from my friend, Austin, and my mom. I’m always hesitant to monkey with things in the kitchen…But this time, it sure did work. Pork Chop & Potato Casserole 6-8 thin cut pork chops Flour (about 1C) Salt and pepper to taste Olive oil (about 2T)Continue reading “Recipe Card: Pork Chop & Potato Casserole”

Recipe Card: Aunt Elaine’s Green Chile Stew

My mom and her two sisters are excellent cooks, especially when it comes to Mexican food. It must be the genes from their Grandmother Salazar. Recently, I asked my Aunt Elaine for her green chile stew recipe. She promptly sent me a text message. To which I had to respond with a phone call explainingContinue reading “Recipe Card: Aunt Elaine’s Green Chile Stew”