It’s Okay To Be a Martha

I’m currently going through the She Reads Truth summer Bible study in women and men in the New Testament and I love it. Each day has curated scripture passages about particular people in the Bible plus a short devotional. Additionally, each Monday there is a podcast where they discuss the coming week’s reading. As youContinue reading “It’s Okay To Be a Martha”

I Have a Lot to Learn

Recently, following the deaths of Ahmaud Arbury, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, it feels like a real turning point in our country when it comes to racial reconciliation. We have seen protests. Riots. Speeches. Sermons. Conversations. Free movies on Amazon Prime. Books on this topic by black authors on best seller lists. And what I’veContinue reading “I Have a Lot to Learn”

Recipe Card: Zucchini Chicken Enchiladas

In an effort to avoid gaining any more of the Quarantine 15 I’ve been working on, I’ve gotten back to watching macros and tracking my food. So when my friend, Amy, posted some enchiladas that used zucchini in place of tortillas, I was intrigued. I was also skeptical because a New Mexican doesn’t play whenContinue reading “Recipe Card: Zucchini Chicken Enchiladas”

Taking Grenades: Happy Mother’s Day!

This lady has lived her life 3 against 1, because she made the three of us do ridiculous things like wash the manure off our hands before we ate, turn in papers with proper punctuation, not get killed by hooky cows, fill up water tubs even when they were still 1/5 full, wear ironed shirts,Continue reading “Taking Grenades: Happy Mother’s Day!”