The Gift of Our Differences

I met my friend Amy when we were both summer law clerks at the same firm in San Fransisco. We had approximately nothing in common. Different backgrounds, interests, thoughts on eating meat, political beliefs, family lives, faiths… Fortunately, we did both like smart ass comments, food, running, and adventures. Oh, and bacon, because even aContinue reading “The Gift of Our Differences”

It’s Okay To Be a Martha

I’m currently going through the She Reads Truth summer Bible study in women and men in the New Testament and I love it. Each day has curated scripture passages about particular people in the Bible plus a short devotional. Additionally, each Monday there is a podcast where they discuss the coming week’s reading. As youContinue reading “It’s Okay To Be a Martha”

I Have a Lot to Learn

Recently, following the deaths of Ahmaud Arbury, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, it feels like a real turning point in our country when it comes to racial reconciliation. We have seen protests. Riots. Speeches. Sermons. Conversations. Free movies on Amazon Prime. Books on this topic by black authors on best seller lists. And what I’veContinue reading “I Have a Lot to Learn”